The Most Laps

Stats are gonna be weird as we deal with Strava’s new subscriptions model.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Who can be on here?

Technically, any Strava user can sign up but it probably helps if you ride laps in Prospect Park.

This brings up an important point: Prospect Park is home to the most diverse community of cyclists in the world but they're not all on Strava. So take these rankings with a grain of salt because the true lap leaders have been out here since the days when chamois and sew-up were literal terms.

Extra special shoutout to Postal Joe. Some estimate his lifetime total at 250,000 laps. 🙌

Who made this?

The Most Laps was conceived, designed, and built by Josh Kadis, a cyclist, web developer, and product manager from Brooklyn.

At first, Josh just wanted to use the Strava API to count all the Prospect Park laps he'd ridden. Then he quit his job and had some time on his hands, and things went from there...

How can I contact you?

Email, Twitter, or Instagram, take your pick. We are particularly interested in sponsorships, freelance projects, and job offers. 😀

How does it work?

The most important thing is that we do not collect or retain any of your data without your consent. Once you authorize The Most Laps to access your Strava account, we look back through your past segment efforts and calculate your all-time, yearly, and monthly totals, and the most laps in a single ride. Then we check automatically to see if you've ridden any new laps, and we add those to your stats.

How does it really work?

It's an isomorphic React web application built with Next.js and MongoDB, if that's what you mean.

How are laps calculated?

It's more complicated than you might think! The segment we use to calculate laps starts and finishes on the Flatbush side of the park. But let's say you enter at 15th Street and Prospect Park West. If you do 5 laps, your Strava activity will only include that segment 4 times. To make up for the half-laps at the beginning and end of your ride, we look at shorter Strava segments along the route to piece together the extra lap.

Because of performance constraints during your initial setup, we give you the benefit of the doubt and add an extra lap to any ride that contains more than one lap.

Where is my profile page?

There's no page on The Most Laps that "knows" if you're logged in, but you can see the public page of your stats at To be removed from The Most Laps, email us.

What personal data is stored?

From your Strava profile, we store your user id, first and last names, a link to your profile photo, and your email address. (Note: If you signed up after January 15, 2019, we don't have your email address.) Unless you subscribe to our newsletter, we will only use your email address for administrative purposes. We'll never share it with anyone.

We also store, of course, the authentication token used to fetch your rides from the Strava API. However, this is only used "behind the scenes" on our server. It is never exposed to your browser.

What about private rides?

Private rides (or "activities" in Strava's technical terminology) are included in your total stats. However, information that could identify any specific ride is never displayed on the site.

Can you remove me from the site?

Yes, no problem. Email us and we'll take care of it right away.

Note that if you revoke access in your Strava settings, your data will still be on the site until you let us know to remove you.

Where can I read the legal stuff?

Check out our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service